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What is Tapdaq?

An essential app marketing tool for mobile developers.

Cross PromotionDirect Deals

Cross Promotion

Tapdaq is the most advanced cross promotion platform for mobile applications.

Developers use our dashboard to circulate traffic around their app portfolio.Promote your best performing application, or any new applications you launch.

Subtle yet effective

Native Ads

Customise your ads to fit seamlessly into your user experience.Build your own ad units using icons, banners, interstitials and more.

A safe exchange

Audience Balancing

We ensure direct deals are fair via our audience balancing technology, meaning you send as many installs as you receive.

Data you can trust


Use your existing attribution tool to track campaign performance and the installs you receive from Tapdaq.

Getting Started

Start trading installs in 3 simple steps

Integrate Our SDK

We have SDK support for iOS, Android and Unity.Install our SDK and submit your app to Google Play or The App Store.

Creatives & Targeting

Upload your creatives and define your targeting settings.You can also sync your attribution tools.

Receive Installs

Once your app is live, use our marketplace to find other apps to trade installs with, and to cross promote your own portfolio.

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What Developers Say About Tapdaq

Tapdaq is creating some amazing opportunities for app developers to better utilise their inventory.
Michael SzumielewskiMichael Szumielewski@StepzApp | Stepz
When it comes to cross promotion, Tapdaq is hands down the fastest and most effective solution for mobile developers.
David ZilberfaynDavid Zilberfayn@AppsoluteGames | Appsolute Games