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Why Ad Mediation Needs Disrupting

Mobile ad tech has evolved rapidly in recent years. As advertiser spend has increased greatly, there has been a correspondingly huge growth in tools and platforms to help app publishers earn as much revenue as possible through their in-app advertising. One of the hottest topics in ad monetization right now is ad mediation. In principle, […]

Confessions of a Millennial on Fake Influencer Marketing

With many apps getting buried in search results on app stores, today’s marketers are battling for attention elsewhere. Some with more success than others. When choosing what apps to download, we take recommendations from people we trust. This is where influencer marketing comes in! Most marketers struggle to attract engagement on corporate social channels, so […]

Introducing URL Promotions

Today, we’ve got an update we’re sure many of you will appreciate. Thanks to popular demand, you can now promote any URL through the Tapdaq dashboard, not just apps! What Are URL Promotions? Many of you have reached out saying you’d like to promote URLs of your choice, such as a business website or App […]

Why The Best Mobile Games Reward Their Players

I’ve spoke to many developers about how they measure success and what seems to matter most is creating something fun. Yet sometimes when evaluating the fun-factor, developers will separate the ad experience from the gaming experience. However, to players, they are one of the same. This means you must approach ads within your games in […]

Emotions Could Be Your Ticket To Higher eCPMs

Think of your favourite TV ad, ever. That advert had an affect on you. It might have made you laugh, cry or even feel hungry. Nevertheless, it made you feel something, and this should be the same for mobile ads. The idea of tapping into personal and emotional aspects of mobile experiences might be new […]

Why Timely Weekend Push Notifications Do Better

Sarah Racker, Social Media and Content Intern at Leanplum, guest blogs today giving us some insight into the best times to send push notifications in specific regions. There’s a difference between how people interact with push notifications on weekdays versus weekends. As well as considering users’ time preferences and schedules during the work week versus […]

Striking The Balance Between User Experience And Monetisation

Striking the right balance between user experience and monetisation has always been a tricky task for developers. You want to make money, without annoying users with ads or other paid features. Engaged audiences are built on strong content and positive user experiences, so it’s important not to disrupt this with your monetisation strategy. This post […]

Introducing Multiple Publisher Promotions

Today, we’re really excited to introduce a new update to our dashboard. You can now add multiple publishers to a cross promotion! What Are Multiple Publisher Promotions? After listening to your feedback, we heard that you’d like a streamlined process for setting up promotions across multiple apps. So, that’s exactly what we’ve built. Previously, you’d […]

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