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In The Charts: Circulate and Swaggy Ninja Exchange 20,000 Installs

It’s been an exciting start to the month here at Tapdaq with a number of developers in our community seeing successful app launches on iOS. With soaring marketing costs and increased competition, it has been well documented how hard it is for indie developers to compete in the App Store charts. However, thanks to hard work, innovative marketing and a solid cross promotion strategy, indie success is still very much a reality.

On the 1st of July, Dead Cool Apps launched their latest game “Circulate.” which reached the top 10 of the US free games charts. Despite no App Store feature, Circulate used a combination of social marketing and Tapdaq cross promotion in order to scale the App Store charts, peaking above Clash of Clans and Crossy Road.



Circulate peaked at number 8 in the US free games chart


And reached the top 50 overall free app chart in the US


Simon Crack, founder of Dead Cool Apps, built Circulate using the highly popular BuildBox platform, and is already looking forward to his next launch. “Given the network of users we’re building through our more popular apps, cross promotion is really increasing in value for us. Tapdaq has been key to helping us to break into the top 10 of the US games chart, ensuring that all users in our network are pushed straight to our latest product.”

TastyPill are another example of an indie game studio that are progressing to new heights in the App Store charts. Their latest game “Swaggy Ninjapeaked at number 23 in the free games chart in the US, with Tapdaq cross promotion playing a key role in their activity.


Swaggy Chart

Swaggy Ninja peaked at number 23 in the US free games chart


Whilst TastyPill used their other apps to push Swaggy Ninja, they also benefitted from a direct deal with Dead Cool Apps, which in recent weeks saw them exchange over 20,000 installs for no cost at all. TastyPill are building an exciting network of casual games and in the coming months are planning on emulating the success of games publishers like Ketchapp. “Tapdaq has been perfect in helping us move our users around our portfolio. Their dashboard makes it easy to change which app we are promoting across our network, and it’s been great fun collaborating with other developers in the community such as Simon at Dead Cool Apps!”

If you’re interested in cross promoting your apps with Tapdaq, then you can sign up here. We also have a private Slack channel in which a number of developers are arranging direct deals with one another. For more information on how you can become involved, please email info@tapdaq.com.

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