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Introducing URL Promotions

Today, we’ve got an update we’re sure many of you will appreciate. Thanks to popular demand, you can now promote any URL through the Tapdaq dashboard, not just apps!

What Are URL Promotions?

Many of you have reached out saying you’d like to promote URLs of your choice, such as a business website or App Store review page. So, we listened and made the necessary improvements to our dashboard.

When it comes to App Store reviews, we know that one of the pain points for developers is losing reviews when you update your apps. With URL promotions, you can encourage users to leave reviews by promoting your App Store review page.

So, How Do They Work?

When setting up a new promotion on Tapdaq, you now have the option to add a URL instead of an app. You can publish ads across all of your apps, or just a selection. You can also choose where your ads appear within those apps using Placement Tags.

This feature supports all of our ad units (native and interstitial) and it’s available to iOS and Android users.

Tapdaq URL Promotions

For more info on how to integrate URL promotions, head to our documentation and support pages.

Tell Us What You Think

We’ve been working hard on this feature and we hope it’ll help drive traffic to places outside of your apps.

As always, we like to hear what you think, so if you have any feedback or questions, just get in touch at support@tapdaq.com.

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