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Confessions of a Millennial on Fake Influencer Marketing

With many apps getting buried in search results on app stores, today’s marketers are battling for attention elsewhere. Some with more success than others. When choosing what apps to download, we take recommendations from people we trust. This is where influencer marketing comes in! Most marketers struggle to attract engagement on corporate social channels, so […]

Why The Best Mobile Games Reward Their Players

I’ve spoke to many developers about how they measure success and what seems to matter most is creating something fun. Yet sometimes when evaluating the fun-factor, developers will separate the ad experience from the gaming experience. However, to players, they are one of the same. This means you must approach ads within your games in […]

30 Mobile Marketing Statistics From 2014

It’s been a crazy yet fascinating year in the mobile ecosystem. Things kicked off in February when indie developer Dong Nguyen removed his hit application Flappy Bird from the App Store, despite it earning a reported $50,000 per day in ad revenue. Later that month, Facebook announced it was planning to buy Whatsapp for a […]

18 App Marketing Tools That Every Indie Developer Needs

We have recently written a number of blog posts about how the cost per install on mobile is continuing to increase at an alarming rate, and the effect this is having on app discoverability for indie developers. However, despite ad networks being one of the largest user acquisition channels on mobile, there are a number […]

How To Increase App Downloads By Targeting Keyword Phrases

Getting your app to rank highly in App Store search is hard. Often times, the keywords you’ll first select are too competitive and return too many apps. Should you then give up and replace them with less competitive ones? Not necessarily. What some app publishers overlook is the power of keyword phrases (also called “long […]

Why And How To Create A Great App Preview Video

With an absence of demos and free trials on the App Store, it has been very difficult to explain the true value of your application to prospective customers. If your app was difficult to explain in text or to show off with some screenshots, you were out of luck. With iOS 8, Apple has given […]

The Most Important Metric in App Analytics: LTV

Lifetime Value, often shortened to LTV, is the measure of the revenue a customer will bring during their lifetime of using your application. Some, including 100% of the 60 developers we surveyed, say it is the most vital number you need to know about your business. Is knowing LTV really that important? If you know […]

How To Top The App Store Charts With No Marketing Budget

App marketing costs are still increasing. This month Chartboost announced the cost per install for iOS had risen again, taking the average cost per install to $2.27 for iPhone apps and to $2.68 for iPad apps.     Whilst this is of course is fantastic news for publishers, indie advertisers are being asked to spend […]

The Five Most Unfair Advantages To Have In Business (and how you can get them)

With competition in the App Store continuing to increase amongst both app marketers and developers, there has never been a better time to experiment with both physical and mental activities to give you a point of differentiation against other developers who are working equally hard to create beautiful products. It’s a question many of us […]

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