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Why Ad Mediation Needs Disrupting

Mobile ad tech has evolved rapidly in recent years. As advertiser spend has increased greatly, there has been a correspondingly huge growth in tools and platforms to help app publishers earn as much revenue as possible through their in-app advertising. One of the hottest topics in ad monetization right now is ad mediation. In principle, […]

Introducing URL Promotions

Today, we’ve got an update we’re sure many of you will appreciate. Thanks to popular demand, you can now promote any URL through the Tapdaq dashboard, not just apps! What Are URL Promotions? Many of you have reached out saying you’d like to promote URLs of your choice, such as a business website or App […]

Review Mining is an Underestimated Tool in App Marketing

The number of apps in the app stores keeps rising. For example, 500 games were launched every day on iOS in 2014 and 250 on Android. The competition is getting tougher in major app marketplaces. Thus, the issue of a competitive advantage is becoming more relevant. Very often people miss some free and available opportunities. […]

YouTube: The Underrated App Marketing Tool For User Acquisition

Currently, there are over 1 billion users on YouTube, monthly this translates to over 6 billion videos watched and more impressive is that the total number of hours watched is growing 50% year over year. As the platform grows it has become a medium that offers so much more: from entertainment to information. Youtube fosters […]

Will The Full Ad Stack Become The New Standard In Mobile AdTech?

“Adtech Full Stack” or “Full Ad Stack” is a phrase used increasingly in the adtech lingo. Over the past year, there was hardly a day without an acquisition aimed at obtaining a “Full Ad Stack”. Such popularity leads us to ponder: what is this full stack and why is everybody trying to get one? Looking […]

Why A/B Testing Is Vital to User Onboarding

We’ve recently written a number of posts on which data metrics you should always be looking to improve within your app. Whilst the general consensus has shown lifetime value (LTV) to garner the most interest amongst developers, it’s important to understand that paying customers are only generated through strong user engagement and/or retention. Many developers often […]

Tapdaq Now Supports Android

Due to high demand from the Tapdaq community, we have been working hard to make sure Tapdaq is available to developers on all major mobile platforms. Today, we are very pleased to announce the launch of our Android SDK, which is available to download immediately. This means that Tapdaq is now compatible with both iOS […]

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