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Striking The Balance Between User Experience And Monetisation

Striking the right balance between user experience and monetisation has always been a tricky task for developers. You want to make money, without annoying users with ads or other paid features. Engaged audiences are built on strong content and positive user experiences, so it’s important not to disrupt this with your monetisation strategy. This post […]

Why A/B Testing Is Vital to User Onboarding

We’ve recently written a number of posts on which data metrics you should always be looking to improve within your app. Whilst the general consensus has shown lifetime value (LTV) to garner the most interest amongst developers, it’s important to understand that paying customers are only generated through strong user engagement and/or retention. Many developers often […]

Enhance Your Applications With These New iOS 8 Features

Earlier this year, Apple gave us our first glimpse of iOS 8, the latest version of what they call ‘The world’s most advanced mobile OS”. With over 4,000 new APIs and some great new features, I thought I’d take a look at just some of them and how they can improve our apps, and the […]

How To Ensure Your App Doesn’t Get Rejected By Apple

Apple Rejections are frustrating for developers, what are the most common rejections and how can you avoid them? This is one of the worst notifications you can receive as an App Developer. Apple’s review process is infamous within the independent developer community. With its inconsistent approach to approval and rejection, apparent skirting around the rules […]

Should you build your app prototype on Android or iOS?

This article was updated on October 17th, 2014 This question has been subject to debate for some time amongst indie developers so here at Tapdaq, we thought we’d take a look at both sides of the argument. The best place to start would be to analyse the pros and cons of both platforms when building […]

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