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The Problem

  • Discoverability

    There are 1,000,000 apps in the App Store and that number is growing

  • Cost

    The average cost-per-install is on the rise, right now it's around $1.90

  • Monopoly

    50% of the Apple App Store revenue goes to as little as 25 developers

Our Solution

What we have built

We've taken a totally different approach to help developers make more money with their apps:

  • Cross-promote similar applications
  • Take full control of advertising
  • Spend Daq, not dollars

What is daq?

Meet Daq, our digital currency.

Earning Daq

You earn daq through generating installs, reviews and social shares.

Spending Daq

Spend daq to acquire new users and generate more revenue.

How It Works

1. Install our SDK

Install our SDK easily and in just five minutes with our SDK instruction guide. If you struggle getting started, we will help you.

2. Create campaigns

Once your SDK is active, simply login to the dashboard and create campaigns for the applications you want to promote.

3. Grow audience

Start growing your audience and user base automatically by earning and spending Daq.


  • Reviews

    Get hundreds of reviews for your applications

  • Installs

    Drive consistent installs to your applications

  • Community

    Become part of the fastest growing developer network

  • Revenue

    Generate far more revenue for your mobile products

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We invite you to join us on this adventure.
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